We managed to get up early to ask Keith these burning questions...

Full name?  Keith S Clarkson

What's Your Birthday?  29th August

Describe yourself in three words?  Knackered every day!

Complete this line - 'I like working for Radio Borders because...?  ...being on at 6 in the morning means I get to go home at 10 (yeah, right!)

What were you called at school?  Keith (obviously)

Whats your favourite TV show?  Deal or no Deal - it's on just before bedtime.

Your favourite food is...?  Crisps, chips, burgers, anything unhealthy really and definately not fruit and veg.

What was your first job?  Working as a Fruit and Veg Assistant

First record you ever bought?  'Now, That's What I Call Music 6' (yes I really am that old!!)

Worst on-air moment so far?  When I used to work with Bobby on a Sunday!

What can't you live without? My alarm clock!

Who would play you in a movie of your life and why?  Noel Edmonds, as working with Stuart McCulloch can be quite similar to working with Mr Blobby!

If you could have one super hero power what would it be and why?  Flying - I would then be avoid all the wildlife that inhabits the roads early in the morning! (can you tell I've had problems in the past!)

If you gave it all up tomorrow what would you be?  A Newsagent (they get up early, don't they?)

Finally - whats the best piece of advice you've ever received?  Never wear white socks with black trousers!